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Rip Shot Lacrosse

Pocket Location

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Your choice of lacrosse pocket not only says a lot about you, it creates your style of play. Pockets are unique, just like players. Using a specific style of pocket will define what you can and can’t do.  Our standard stringing is a Mid-Pocket, which is most versatile across all positions and skill levels.

Low Pockets - sit very close to the throat of the lacrosse stick and allow the ball to rest vertically in the stick so that one-handed cradling/dodging are made easier. This security that comes with a Low Pocket makes many attackmen choose this set up for their sticks because they want to use their other arm as a shield when dodging.

Mid Pockets - are essentially for all players.  Any position can use a Mid Pocket and young players should especially consider using a Mid Pocket.  Trying a Mid Pocket lets you see what you want more or less of before choosing a side.  While some may stick with a Mid Pocket their whole career, some may decide to change to a Low or High Pocket.

High Pockets - are most useful for defensive players and players that want to have superior control or big shooters. The ground ball ability of a High Pocket is one of the best attributes that makes it an easy choice for defense. Since picking up the ball is the most important task of the defensive players once they cause a turnover, having a high pocket lets them control the ball after picking it up more quickly so they can evade the ride from the offense.